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Mighty Mite Rules - Updated

Rules & Regs

Mighty Mite Rules and Regulations      

Overview - The Mighty Mite Philosophy

The Mighty Mite program is designed to teach the fundamentals of football while emphasizing sportsmanship, team work, commitment, and self-confidence.

Coaches must teach by example.  Keep in mind the sensitive age group we are dealing with. Patience and understanding should be stressed while encouraging the children to have fun.

No negative comments, actions, or talk will be tolerated by coaches, players, or parents. will be responsable for maintaining the integrity of their team, coaching staff, and spectators. Use of profane language will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

Let's all work together to make this a positive experience for the players and everyone involved. Remember it's up to us to make this work!


6 & 7 year olds on or before 11/30 of calendar year.

There's no weight limit in Mighty Mites

No Playdowns from Div 1 allowed

A.  Special Rules and Restrictions

1.  There must be at least one certified referee to officiate each game.
2.  Two coaches from each team are allowed on the field to position players.
3.  Coin toss to decide first possesion (winner chooses).
4.  Controlled scrimmage format.
5.  Ball placed on the 50 yard line at the beginning of the game and all change of possession's.
6.  Six plays per possesion, no first downs.
7.  If a Team scores twice in a series they must replace their Starting QB and RB's. They may play interior line only for the rest of the series.
8.  Three sets of defense and three sets of offense for each team will constitute a game.
9.  Game time will be a maximum of 1 hour and fifteen minute's
10.  All coaches must be 10 yards from the ball at the time of snap No Directing players in
     anyway to the ball.

B.  Offense

1.  May run any offense with two tight ends, a quarterback, and either one wideout, two back set or a three
   back set .
2.  No quarterback sneaks.
3.  No naked bootlegs.
4.  No roll-out passes.
5.  Offensive back may run the ball only for two consecutive plays.
6.  Only the quarterback can pass or hand-off in the backfield.
7.  No backfield motion.
8.  On a bad snap the play is whistled dead and the play is replayed.
9.  If there is a fumbled hand-off, play is whistled dead, ball is place on the line of scrimmage and the play
   counts ..
10.  Jerseys must be tucked into pants.
11.  Offensive Huddles are limited to one minute and shall be timed. Refs will penalize any team who goes over.
     1st offense , taems will be warned . 2nd offense team will loose a down in that play sequence..Coaches
      must move the Game along .

C.  Defense

1.  4-4-3 Defense
2.  Head on alignment.
3.  Four down lineman.
4.  Two guards.
5.  Two defensive ends.
6.  Four standing linebackers three yard off the line of scrimmage.
7.  Two inside linebackes line head up on offensive tackles.
8.  Two outside linebackers line up one yard outside offensive ends.
9.  Two cornerbacks and one safety.
10.  No gaps, slants, or loops.
11.  No blitzing.
12.  LBS, Cs,FS, are to be lined up at 3,5,7 yards off the Line of Scrimage . NO MORE , NO LESS

Standard Mighty mite defense - All teams will follow this model so there is no confusion.

X      X     X      X
 X      X              X      X - 3 yards NO More or Less
XX - 5 yards NO More or Less
X - 7 yards NO More or Less

Mighty Mites Standard Rules for Calling Penalties:
The purpose of standardizing the way penalties are called in a Mighty Mites game are meant to keep the game flowing, and ensure, since Mighty Mites rules are different than the rest of the divisions, that penalties are called the same at every town.  Penalty yardage will not be marked off for any penalty flag thrown.
FALSE START: Should only be called if player gains a distinct advantage.   
Result: Re-spot the ball, the play does not count.
HOLDING/BLOCK IN THE BACK:  These penalties should only be called if they directly affect the outcome of the play.  
Result: Re-spot the ball at original line of scrimmage (LOS),   the play counts.
FACEMASK:    Called for every offense, regardless if it effects the outcome of the play or not.   
Result: Re-Spot ball at original LOS, the play counts.

OFFSIDES: Should only be called if player gains a distinct advantage.
Result: Dead Ball penalty.  Re-spot the ball, the play does not count.   
FACEMASK:  Result of the play counts AND play number is repeated.