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WYFCL Tackle Football FAQs

Q1. Is my child ready for tackle football?
Only you as parents can determine whether your child is ready. Some of the things to consider include the time commitment (usually three practices a week and a game), and attentiveness of your child. Can they stay focused for a one and half or two hour practice and will other extracurricular activities create too many conflicts? 



Q2. What is the risk my child will get hurt?
Although there is no guarantee that someone won't get hurt, the number of injuries in past seasons have been very limited. Many parents are concerned about the heavier kids playing against the lighter kids. Although there is some fear factor by the smaller kids, we have seen very few kids hurt because of a size difference. A more significant concern is the age disparity parents will find in some of the other organizations and leagues where older but lighter kids are allowed to play with younger kids. In some cases, as many as three ages are combined (for example 8, 9 and 10 year-olds). In our experience, there is a much greater risk of injury with having a light 10 year old play against a kid who may have just turned 8 or 9 than there is with having a light 10 year old play against a heavier 10 year old. 


Q3: How much does it cost to play tackle football at WYFCL?
Registration fees for the 2016 season are

  • $65 for Mighty Mites
  • D1, D2 and D3 Football is $140 and Cheer is $125
  • Additional children after the first 2 are $50 per child

Q4: Does WYFCL have any mandatory fund raisers?
Yes. For the 2017 Season 

  • Raffles: $50 per child with a Family max of $100
  • Chocolate: 60 Chocolate Bar(1 Box) for $60 or a buy-out of $30

Q5: Are team roster’s based on age or grade?
Team rosters are limited by the rules imposed by the OCYFL. Rules are revisited yearly.  As of the 2015 season rules
Age: All players must be at least 6 years old on or before Nov. 30th, but not 14 before August 1st of the current season.

  • Mighty Mites: 6 or 7 years old on or before 11/30 
  • Division 1: 8 or 9 years old on or before 11/30
  • Division 2: 10 or 11 years old on or before 11/30
  • Division 3: 12 or 13 years old on or before 11/30 and 14 year olds who turn 14 on or after August 1st
  • Maximum Grade: No player shall enter into the ninth grade during the season  



Q6: What are the weight limits? Will my larger son need to play up with older players?
Rules are revisited yearly.  As of the 2015 season rules the weight limits for each division are as follows:

  • Division 1: 120
  • Division 2: 135
  • Division 3: 158 

Q7: Are there tryouts to make a team?
No tryouts. Our teams fill through the registration process.

Q8: When does practice begin? How long does the season last?
Practices can officially begin the week of August 1st. Prior to August 1st, some players may meet informally and do summer conditioning, or attend a mini-camp together; but participation is not mandatory and open to all.  Games typically begin after Labor Day and finish around the first week of November. If a team qualifies for league or Bowl Championship play, games may continue into mid-November. 

Q9: Does my child need a physical examination prior to participating?
Yes. WYCFL and the OCYFL requires players to receive a medical physical examination annually prior to participation. The decision if a player is healthy enough to begin participation is up to the parent and the player's physician.

Q10: Who and where do we play our games?
WYCFL competition will be other OCYFL organizations.  WYFCL’s home games are played at Lasser Park.  Away games are played at various fields in the Orange County area.  The fields are typically town maintain facilities or high school stadiums.  


Q11: What is the time commitment for players and parents?
Organized tackle football requires an entire team to perform as a single unit. There are up to ten hours of practice per week before school starts, usually weekdays from 6pm-8pm. Once school begins, practice times drop to 4 to 6 hours during the week. When the days get shorter late in the season, practices also get shorter, or may begin a bit earlier. Games are usually on Sundays but a few games or divisions may need to play games on Saturday.  Always check with your team’s Head Coach for the practice schedule.



Q12: Can I also play for my Middle School Team?
Unfortunately not. Mandatory cuts are required If a player is playing on another league, high school or modified team 



Q13: Do I need to provide my own helmet?
No, all protective football equipment is provided by WYFCL.


Q14. What does WYFCL provide with the registration fee and what do I still need to purchase?
The registration fee pays for the use of quality helmets for all divisions, chin strap, shoulder pad, practice and game pants, lower body pads, game pants, belt, practice jersey and a standard colored mouthpiece. In any case, players will receive the highest quality equipment available. Each player is responsible for providing game day jersey, football shoes, socks, supporter, t-shirts (worn under the shoulder pads) and any optional padding they wish to equip themselves with (sweatbands, elbow pads, forearm pads, etc.) 


Q15. When and where is equipment distributed?
Equipment is distributed during the third or forth week in July. An email will be sent to all registered players with details as to when to show up at the equipment room.